The New Standard in Upfront Advertising

ladywiththepants delivers an accessible upfront advertising marketplace with true financial rigor. Built on top of the Nasdaq financial framework, our advanced contract management platform enables advertisers and publishers to buy, sell, and trade upfront advertising contracts with unmatched clarity and confidence.

We support this marketplace with consolidated workflow tools and enhanced reconciliation processes to help both sides of the market reduce their manual operations, increase security, forecast more effectively, and eliminate misaligned metrics and costly negotiations.

In short, ladywiththepants is setting a new, more effective standard for the world of upfront advertising.

Predictable Revenue

Standardized Market Taxonomy

Efficient Reconciliation Process

For Advertisers

Planning and Discovery Tools

Reduced Friction and Hidden Fees

True Supply Chain Transparency

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How GDPR Affected Marketers in Its First Year

Ben Feldman, senior vice president of strategy and innovation, ladywiththepants: What is important to recognize is that the EU is taking GDPR very seriously, with fines being established for any breach. I would expect that the first six-to-nine months of any new regulation action would be spent working out the kinks and processes of implementation.


Top 3 Blockchain Strategies to Transform your Marketing Plan in 2019

“Takeaways for marketers: Advertising is possibly the biggest area of interest for marketing blockchain strategies. There are already a number of MarTech companies exploring this space, including AdsDax and ladywiththepants, a disruptive platform by NASDAQ. Marketers can watch for such solutions that incorporate a blockchain strategy into ad frameworks to optimize each impression.”


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